SOLO Motor Controllers

For Any Machine

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Ease of Use

Simplify your high-tech solutions with our intuitive interface and wide range of tools, software, and libraries. Perfect for all skill levels.


Archive superior control performance with our cutting-edge technologies. Get 8X higher performance, excellent thermal behavior, and energy efficiency.


Optimize your costs without compromising performance. Our motor controllers offer the best price-to-performance ratio in the market.


What We Offer

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Powerfull Hardware

– Supports DC, BLDC, PMSM, and ACIM Motors
– Sensored and Sensorless
– Torque, Speed Control and Position Control

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Advanced Firmware

– Auto Identification and Self Tuning
Embedded Motion Profile Engine PVT like
Analogue, UART, CANOpen ready protocols

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Comprehensive Software

Online Application
– Library for C++, Python, Arduino, Mathlab and more
– Supporting Windows, Linux, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more

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Certified Products

– UL, IEC,
– RoHS, CE, EUR1
– On Demands

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Online App


With the SOLO Motion Terminal you have a free Plug and Play Online Solution capable of controlling SOLO using a simple USB cable that can be connected directly to your PC.

We believe, this is a powerful tool to speed up the system testing and ideas evaluation, in a conformable manner.

Real-World Applications

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How to Tune a PID Controller for Your Motor Controller

How to Tune a PID Controller for Your Motor Controller

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