About us

With passion,
from passionate people

Our mission is to transform the world of motors and controlling them.
We are a multidisciplinary, international team of collaborators who are committed to revolutionizing how people work with electric motors.

SOLO’s team founding members, each one bringing their competence to the challenge of making electrical motors easy to use for everyone.

All we know, we have learned by working on real-life projects.

We have the distinct pleasure of calling each other friends, enjoy each other’s company, and share a single vision of developing useful products. We firstly met in Milan in 2016. Since then, we have regularly met up to innovate, design, and build SOLO.

After 4 years of work, the fourth prototype is ready to be used.

Our story so far

About 1

January 2016

We firstly met in Polifactory the official makerspace of Politecnico di Milano, as passionate makers and designers working on different projects. We formed our team and decided to keep goingwith the idea and realize the first prototype.

About 2

September 2016

The first prototype was a big step for us, but not very successful.
The hardware had a lot of issues, so we had to fix the bugs in the next version.

About 3

May 2017

The second prototype handled the necessary tests. The hardware was capable, and it can control a lot of motors like DC, BLDC, PMSM, ACIM, and even stepper motors. The major problems were complexity and the high cost of production.

About 4

September 2018

It took us a lot to figure out the third prototype. During this time, we have increased compatibility and added new features.

About 5

July 2019

Finally, the 3rd prototype was ready. It’s working well and accurately. At this point, the design had two parts, the mainboard was the central controller part, and the extension board was the insulated board for safe communication to PC and for debugging purposes. Both did work great.

About 6

March 2020

The 4th prototype is ready. We improved it to be easily manufactured with very high cost-effectiveness. Now it has direct USB, Encoder, and Hall sensor inputs to control the position.

About 7

June 2020

We manage the BETA program in order to give limited number of SOLO to users and fully support them in their real life projects.  

About 8

Today – 2021

With all the experience gained, the impressive progress and user feedbacks from the BETA users. We have introduced SOLO UNO to the market with new features and full backward compatibility to SOLO BETA.  

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