About Us

Our History

SOLO Motor Controllers was initiated in 2016 by ex-members of Politecnico di Milano In Italy and after 4 years of R&D was founded in 2020. The founders of SOLO are specialized in Hardware and Software field and worked for years in related industry, our vision is to enable more people to create precise, powerful, and useful motion systems by making the control of Electrical Motors easy and affordable for anyone who deals with a smart motion system with the most advanced industrial technologies.

What Social Impact Are We Seeking?

SOLO is born as the world is moving toward Green and Renewable energies and Electrical Motors in this paradigm are playing a fundamental role and the demand and knowledge requirements for them are rapidly rising, for this reason we wanted the current and the new generations to learn how to utilize Electrical Motors properly and we aim to accelerate this transformation by providing easy and powerful solutions, that’s where SOLO Motor Controllers stands, SOLO wants to prepare, educate and help the world in this evolution, that’s why we are providing unique Motor Controllers which are Smart, easy-to-use and affordable that are not offered ever before with such inclusivity for people from various fields regardless of their knowledge in Engineering.

Our Core Values

Easy to use

Simplicity-of-use is our top priority, and it’s our biggest challenge to make high-tech solutions simple to interface and use for our customers, we consider this concept in every step, from the design till the end, by providing a vast variety of tools, softwares and libraries, just to make sure any one in our spectrum of users, from experts to amatures can take advantage out of our features.

We constantly work closely with our customers in order to simplify their projects, and thanks to this collaboration we continue to improve our services and products.

Advanced with High Performance

Simplicity might look counter-intuitive with being Advanced, while in SOLO Motor Controllers we think otherwise. We are bringing cutting edge technologies like Multi-core parallel processing, advanced sensorless control methods, and solid products capable of operating in harsh conditions. All this leading us to have 8 times or higher control performance with thermal behavior that is far superior with a better energy consumption compared to products in the same or higher price-range existing in the market.

We are committed in making our products constantly better and we regularly publish the latest updates for all of our users.

Affordable Pricing

Cost is always a challenge, and our goal is to offer the best price over performance ratio, by using highly integrated circuits, we also design our products in a way that our users spend the minimum amount of time setting them up, and accelerating their project developments in order to reduce their overall cost by having the best Time To Market (TTM).

To the enterprise-industries we also offer customized solutions to optimize the form factors and the BOM for their specific products.

Contact Us

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