About us


Our mission is to transform the world of motor controlling.

SOLO Motor Controllers initiated in Milan, Italy in 2016 with a multidisciplinary, international team which merges the combined senior experiences in different sectors such as R&D in the medical and industrial sectors, software development on enterprise IT solutions and design for prestigious Italian brands.

Our story in hardwares

About 1

2017 – 1° Prototype

The first prototype as the practical realization of the concepts elaborated

About 2

2018 – 2° Prototype

The second prototype with hardware improvements.

About 3

2019 – 3° Prototype

The third prototype with a complete hardware and user interface redesign.

About 4

2020 – 4° Prototype

The fourth prototype with a complete improvement of the user experience.

About 5

2020 – SOLO BETA

SOLO BETA, A limited number of units made for world wide users and their real life projects.  

About 6

2021 – SOLO UNO

SOLO UNO the epitome of technology and experience of a product that took 5 years to come into the market.

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