We have dedicated offers and plans for all the companies intending to use our motor controllers in their products. Here you can find some information about our offers, but we highly recommend contacting us through the form below to have our free and full support in order to know better your company, your needs and your requirements, and to give you the best support, pricing and products.

B2B Solutions

Request for Our Products

You can bulk order and use directly our products that are in the market, this solution is more flexible in terms of time of the delivery, the quantity per order required and the payment as only 30% of the total cost has to be paid in advance, the other 70% is paid before the delivery which can be divided into multiple slots if required.

Request for Custom Features

As we own the full stack design and skill on our products, we are able to provide custom features, for any product and requirements all in Hardware, Firmware and Software levels.
We support companies in the development phase, providing our experience and suggestions in order to make a step by step and result driven process and achieve the goals in the best, fastest and highly cost optimized manner.

Request for a Custom Product

We offer customized motor controllers and prototype development. This solution is highly focused on cost and performance optimization, providing you a perfect motor controller that can fit into your specific requirements in terms of power, form-factor and features. As the product is customized the order limit is high and we suggest a production of 1000+ units or more, and with such designs it can lead to have 30% or lower costs for your end product.

At the moment we are offering a limited deal, in which initially we will charge for the cost of the prototype development, and once the prototype is approved by the customer and they submit their order of production for at least 1000+ units, we will return back 50% of the prototype development cost as a discount.

Any price estimation and delivery schedules are highly dependent on the requirement and the specifications requested, so we recommend contacting our free support.

Custom Proposal

We can create and discuss custom proposals, in order to fit the requirements of the company. As an example we can offer a Licensed product if the company has a strong production line and they want to manufacture the controllers.
If you have any proposal contact our free support and tell us more about your needs.

Contact Us

Contact our free support team at support@solomotorcontrollers.com or using the form, and let us know more about your requirements, we will deliver top of the industry standards for you and make sure to put you ahead of your competitors cost-wise and performance-wise from the first prototype till the mass-production and into the market.

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