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SOLO Motion Terminal update!

SOLO Motion Terminal update!

Dear SOLO Community, We are pleased to announce a new update for SOLO Motion Terminal, this update includes: 1. Performance Monitoring Mode with capability of showing 4 simultaneous samples of...

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The New Firmware Update V006  for SOLO

The New Firmware Update V006 for SOLO

Dear SOLO Community,   There is a new firmware V006 update ready! It has the following new features and enhancements: 1. Automatic Encoder and Hall sensors Calibration 2. Monitoring Mode for...

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New Library For ARDUINO

New Library For ARDUINO

Dear SOLO Community, We are excited to inform you all that finally the comprehensive library for ARDUINO is ready to be used! It's being developed to be easy to use and it includes all the commands...

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2021: New LOGO

2021: New LOGO

New year, new products and NEW LOGO! We choose to celebrate the launch of SOLO UNO and the beginning of the new year with a brand new logo! We hope everyone likes it!Related Articles

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