ARDUINO library V5.2.0 released! 1
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ARDUINO library V5.2.0 released!

We’re happy to announce the latest update to our Arduino Library, version 5.2.0. This update brings a range of improvements designed to enhance your experience and provide even more powerful functionalities.

Hello to Arduino UNO R4 and MINIMA

Great news for Arduino Users! From Version 5.1.0 of our library expanded its reach by adding support for two powerful Arduino boards poised to be the next-generation leaders in the Arduino world: the Arduino Uno R4 WiFi and the Arduino Uno Minima. You can leverage your existing codebase and utilize the familiar Arduino environment while exploring the capabilities of these cutting-edge hardware platforms. This allows you to easily adapt your projects to these future-proof boards and obtain an important bust in performance in your system.

PT1000 Capabilities

In order to support the new capabilities of SOLO PICO and SOLO MEGA we release a new feature for users working with temperature critical applications: a dedicated function for PT100 sensors. This will give the possibility to read the Temperature adding a sensor directly to SOLO.

Digital IN/OUT Capabilities

SOLO PICO and SOLO MEGA gain new capabilities with digital pin control for reading and setting HIGH/LOW states. This opens the door to interfacing with a wider range of hardware peripherals. In this new release we leverage our functions to effortlessly access these integrated capabilities and bring your system ideas to life.

Supercharged CANopen

In this release, our attention is also directed towards CANopen, we keep working on enhance its performance and expand its compatibility. This involves integrating support for a diverse array of MCP2515 boards, ensuring a broader range of possibilities and improved system quality.

Smaller Library Size

In addition to the previous points, we’ve also optimized the library’s source code, leading to a 25% decrease in its size. This translates in a lower Memory Footprint and potentially quicker integration into your projects.


Our dedication to continuous improvement never stops. We keep listen to customer feedback and relentlessly refine our libraries to deliver ever-more powerful solutions. Keep following us and update your libraries in order to gain the better experience possible form your SOLO bords.



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