Firmware V007 is Released [Dual Core activated!] 1
Written by SOLO Team
Firmware V007 is Released [Dual Core activated!]
Firmware V007 is Released [Dual Core activated!] 2

Dear SOLO Community,

We just published the latest firmware version V007 for SOLO with an exceptional breakthrough using Dual core parallel processing that is now activated and all of our users can enjoy the radical performance enhancement it offers!

Just to have a glimpse on what really happens when you go from V006 to V007 versions are listed below:

–  Dual core, parallel processing activated
–  Torque (Current controller) bandwidth increased to 140kHz with respect to 20kHz on older versions ( near 7 times faster )
–  Far less torque ripples on high and low speeds due to radically higher FOC update-rate ( 7us total time from sampling till end of execution)
–  The Speed and Torque Estimator performance increased up to near 30kHz loop rate compared to 20kHz on older versions
–  The UART baudrates of 5.625 [Mbits/s], 3.75 [Mbits/s] and 2.25 [Mbits/s] are added for fast and low latency communication
–  Enhanced performance for USB communication speed specially during the Monitoring Mode
–  Better Sensorless behaviour at Zero speed
–  Other debugging and minor enhancements

We believe this update will introduce our users to a new dimension of performance that has not been offered before and we think it will eventually lead into higher quality products and projects done using SOLO, however we will not stop here and new updates will come in future with further enhancements.



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