Motion Terminal V2 is Out! 1
Written by Solo
Motion Terminal V2 is Out!

Dear community,
We are pleased to announce that a new version of the Motion Terminal is released.
This version besides having a fresh design has higher performance and many interesting features that will keep expanding and improving.

.What’s new:

Main Section: a new section on top of the usual Signal and Action section is created. This section is designed to reduce the complexity of use.
The section has 3 subsections that are suggested to be used sequentially during the setup process.

– Configure is the 1st sub-section used for static setup of the environment.
– Tune is the 2nd subsection used for calibrating the parameters that affect the dynamics of the system.
– Drive is the last subsection that gives the user the possibility to interact with the system.

Interactive Pop-ups: the program now supports the user with new messages in real-time including notifications or Errors.

Command guides: now all the commands are accompanied by new icons that help the user to understand their behavior of them, plus a new Information panel with a more in-depth explanation of the command.

Monitoring mode: the monitor capability is improved by increasing the buffer stored and giving the user the possibility to move and zoom over the history.


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