Python Library - SoloPy v2 Released 1
Written by SOLO Team
Python Library – SoloPy v2 Released

Dear SOLO community,

We are happy to announce that a new release of our Python Library, known as SoloPy is out!
The new version has several improvements in terms of performance and user interface as well as code readability!

The new version is similar to the previous version but some of the functions can be called differently, so we suggest having a review on all the functions or the examples in the library.

Below are the list of major improvements introduced in this version


– Add Logging capability in the stream of the code

– Change serial connection management, now the connection is optimized in order to reduce the overall pressure on the serial connection.

– Add serial utility function:
serial_open, serial_is_working, serial_close

– Add new function and rename it according to the user manual

– Add enums for parameters readability

– Minor improvements in order to reduce the possibility of user errors

To upgrade your library you can just run in the console log the following command:

pip install -U SoloPy



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  1. Ben

    This library is fantastic! Was able to get it to work with my SOLO mini in just a few minutes.


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