SOLO Motion Terminal update! 1
Written by SOLO Team
SOLO Motion Terminal update!
SOLO Motion Terminal update! 2

Dear SOLO Community,

We are pleased to announce a new update for SOLO Motion Terminal, this update includes:

1. Performance Monitoring Mode with capability of showing 4 simultaneous samples of Speed, Torque, Position and the Rotor angle each with 500Hz sampling rate. To use this feature you need to have the Firmware version “000B006” or above on your SOLO, if you don’t have this version read more on this page.

2. Encoder and Hall sensors calibration methods to calibrate these sensors depending on their mechanical mounting on the Motors

3. Better performance in monitoring Mode

4. Capability of single reading of all parameters during monitoring mode and so many other minor improvements and debugging.

We will keep you informed for future updates and progress, stay tuned.



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