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Hall Calibration Problem

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I have a DFA90L048017-A motor.  I'm trying to close the loop using HALL sensors.  I watched the video to control the motor via terminal.  It says in the video to make sure the HALL sensor waveform is as described when rotating the motor clockwise and counter clockwise.  This lead me to swap two hall sensors wires so when looking at the shaft I get the expected hall sensor waveform when rotating clockwise as shown in the video.  I at the beginning wasn't sure from which face of the motor to look at since the shaft rotates and so does that motor enclosure.  Only the PCB stays fixed.  I'm still unsure if swapping the hall sensor wires that goes against the motor datasheet was the right thing to do.   Does anyone have any opinion on this in regards to if I'm looking at the correct part  of the motor. Both sides of the motor can rotate.

I read every single post on this forum  to calibrate the motor using HALLS and nothing is working.  I varied the frequency, the ki and kp parameters.  I tried almost all edge cases and nothing is allowing me to calibrate the halls sensors for this motor.  When I click on the calibrate button the motor does not spin.  It would usually just hold the position tightly and when I press stop calibration it would move for a quick short distance of maybe 5 degrees.  Some combinations of all the settings would lead to buzzing from the motor.  I'm starting to thing that this motor driver cannot work with my motor for some reason.  I also tried another of the same motor and the results are the same.

I do have the solo Beta version.  It's version 8 firmware.  The support team told me I will the latest firmware sent to me next week.  I did read on the forum that someone had issues with either solo or uno where calibration wasn't working for one of the firmware versions and then when they upgraded things got better.  I hope this is the case for my SOLO beta controller.  I still believe there is some hope to use this controller with my motor.  I really would like to recommend it to others.   I literally tried every combination that you could try in terms of all the settings in the terminal.  Is anyone able to assist me to get this controller to work with my motor?  Right now I'm lost in the dark.  Just need a little light.  Most threads  on  the forums are about kp, ki, freq and wiring combinations.  Not much mentioning on importing exact inductance and resistance values.  I also tested using datasheet values as well as detected values. Also I have no load attached to the motor.

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