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Motion Terminal Torque Failing Calibration on BLDC Motor

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I am new to motor drivers and recently I purchased the UNO V2 and have connected it to a stator with a hall sensor I'm having issues running the calibration testing. Every time I run the calibration wizard it gets through the hall sensor check and then goes into the torque check and stops working. The stator specs say it has a max current limit of 49A but the rated current is 17A should this motor not run correctly with 17A? The goal of the project is to have the motor reach certain positions in a closed loop system.

IMG 5781
IMG 5780

this is my current setup 

If anyone knows the issue this would be a great help


Posted : 14/04/2024 10:42 pm
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Hello @maj731,

The Hall sensor calibration most often fails if:

  1. The Motor Poles are not correctly set ( you must make sure out of this, the number of poles are equal to the number of magnets on the rotor for the BLDC motors)
  2. The Current limit is too low , so during the calibration the motor doesn't move smoothly
  3. The Hall sensors are not correctly mounted ( you can see the Saw-tooth shape signal when you move manual the Motor) -- SOLO now only supports configurations with three Hall sensors placed with 120 electrical degrees phase shift with respect to each other

My recommendation is to go through this article and the video within it and verify if all is correct and let me know how it went.





If you found the answers helpful and you could solve your problems, please kindly verify here to help others in the future.

Posted : 17/04/2024 12:52 pm