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[Solved] Brushed DC torque control - Arduino template

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Hello, do you have an example code for the torque control of Brushed DC motor (with and/or without incremental encoder)?. 

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Hi @atrach,

The example code that you can convert for your DC motor controlling the Torque can be the below one:

In this example you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Put the motor type on DC brushed 
  2. put the feedback mode on sensorless
  3. put the control mode on Torque mode:
  4. Now you can give the desired torque ( current ) set point using the following command:
    SetTorqueReferenceIq(float yourdesireCurrentInAMPs);

Some notes:

- if you put SOLO in Torque Mode while DC brushed motors are utilized, SOLO will control the current of your DC motor with internally built-in PI controllers, you just need to set the desired value (set-point) and the "IM" parameter in the Motion terminal monitoring section will show you the amount of current in your motor in terms of Amps.

- The Torque control on DC brushed motors with SOLO is done in a sensorless manner, so there will be no need to have any type of sensors like Encoders.

Let me know if you need further clarifications.


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