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FOC control with Flux Weakening

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I'm looking for a controller to use FOC with flux weakening on a PMSM used as a starter-generator. The flux weakening is especially for use in generator mode to regulate output power at a constant speed. How well would the SOLO work for something like this?

Thanks for the help!

Topic starter Posted : 05/01/2022 11:45 am
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Hi @nimbalo99_dyn, currently we do offer Field weakening through our B2B channel as it's not yet a standard feature on the firmware of SOLO UNO and MINI, so we will need to discuss further the project and the motor to see how we can help you with that, but in general as SOLO operates on FOC, it supports Field weakening and we have offered it before to other costumers, if you are interested please send a message to us through this page.


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Posted : 06/01/2022 8:50 am