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[Solved] "CL" Mode Make the Motor Run in Automatically

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Hi there,

I am following the tutorial on DC Motor Encoder Setup on YouTube at: However, as I get to the closed loop parts, turning on the "CL" mode using the switch never works for me. Instead, the motor starts pinning on its own at some speed. This has hindered me in implementing speed ontorl, position control and torque control. 

Kindly guide.

Posted : 02/02/2023 12:37 am
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Hello @umerhuzaifa,


This problem happens usually if the motor type is not properly selected, to that end, if you are in Analogue mode you need to make sure the DC Motor type is selected on the Piano switch for SOLO UNO or on the Pin headers for SOLO MINI, on the other hand if you are in Digital Mode, you need to make sure the DC motor type is selected, you can set that inMotion Terminal.

The main reason for the movement of the motor is, by default, we ship the units with the BLDC motor type selected, so the switching patterns are different with DC motors thus you will see that motion.

Let me know if this could solve your problem.




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Posted : 02/02/2023 6:32 am