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Direction of Rotation with DC motor in Position Control

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Currently I am running a Solo Pico in Position Mode with a brushed DC motor and Optical Encoder.  This setup is tuned and works well.  However, the only configuration that it will work in is where positive numbers produce CW rotation with my gear train.  In an earlier posting I brought up this issue, in that I need positive numbers to produce CCW rotation with my gear train.  It was recommended that I swap the A and B encoder channels into the Pico.  This does not appear to work.  Also, reversing the B and C motor connections does not work either.  So, my question is, can the relationship between positive going numbers be made to give CCW or not?  If that is not possible, then I guess I will use negative going numbers to produce CCW rotation.  Please tell me if there is a way to change the rotation direction and still use positive numbers.  Also, changing my gear train is not an option.  Thank you.

Posted : 14/01/2024 11:01 pm