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Position Control with Brushed DC Motor

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I have a project where I need very fine position control.  I'm not too concerned about speed or torque.  With the mechanical set-up I have envisioned, I would be having the extreme situation where the Solo controller is asking the 12v brushed DC motor to turn approx. one rev of the motor in which time it will receive 14 pulses from the optical quadrature encoder.  The torque load is very, very light compared to the motor/gearbox capabilities and speed is not critical - but position is.  Having reached a position, the motor will halt for around 0.1secs and then move approx. one more rev and 14 pulses to the next position, stop, and so on.  The system will be controlled from a Pi.  Can the Solo Mini do this?      

Posted : 27/11/2022 6:39 pm
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Hello @tim-d,


Posted by: @tim-d

The system will be controlled from a Pi.  Can the Solo Mini do this?   

So basically given your Encoder resolution, you are not concerned about accuracy too? if yes, I should say 14 pulses is very low accuracy for the encoder and the controller too, it will be far better if you can increase the resolution to 1000 lines or more so you can have very fine control.

Overall It seems SOLO should do the job, especially for the type of motion you are mentioning, below you can see a video on how a Brushed DC motor's position is controlled with SOLO.





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Posted : 02/12/2022 10:43 am