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Not sure if this is the correct sub forum; but I was wondering if anyone has ever given any thought to controlling seperately-excited rotor, 3 phase stator motors.

As I mentioned in another thread, my interest is in maximizing peak torque, with precise control. I do think an electromagnetically excited rotor should be capable of making the most of any given amount of flux gap area. But all the literature and thinking on seperately excited rotor motors that i can find seems to be stuck solidly in the pre-electronic-commutation days. If there are good reasons for that, I am not able to discern them.

Would there be any practical ways of making SOLO drive a sepex rotor? One setup I can think of is a seperate parallel h-bridge board for the rotor, with either dumb static control, or some way of tapping into the torque demand signal of the SOLO controller. The alternative might be to wire the rotor coil in series with the SOLO 3-phase h-bridge so their currents are linked by construction; though that also raises some questions as to how to integrate that with the freewheeling logic of the stator coils, I suppose?

Not nearly enough of a clue what im talking about here really; but curious if this is a subject that somebody else here has ever given any thought to, or has ideas about. Maybe there are elegant possibilities out there?

Posted : 24/09/2022 11:05 am