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[Solved] Monitoring mode in C++

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Dear Solo Team,

I am interested in using monitoring mode, but instead of using the motion terminal, I would like to do it in my software. After searching the forum I found your suggestions for Python monitoring mode implementation:

I was wondering if there is an easier way to do it using your C++ library, rather than writing my own Python code from scratch.

In the C++ source code I can see the function for enabling the monitoring mode 0x19:

bool SOLOMotorControllersSerial::SetMonitoringMode(bool mode)

This function only enables monitoring mode and I cannot get my mind around the best way to handle the values of e.g. motor speed (0x96) coming from the controller through this mode.

Could you briefly explain how can I use your C++ library to achieve that? The code example would be very well appreciated!



I have seen the Monitoring Mode JavaScript implementation ( but since my JavaScript skills are far from ideal, using your C++ library seems way easier, but I am open for your suggestions. I am connecting the Solo mini to my PC by USB

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Hello @pssss

unfortunately, our C++ library doesn't support Monitoring mode yet, we are working on it to release that feature in the near future, but as the release is not yet planned, I can't provide you a precise date.

Certainly for now as you've mentioned, you can look at our JAVAscript implementation and get some ideas to handle it.



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