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Forum 1 Maximum polling frequency for read requests over UART on SOLO MINI V2

By Redfrog80 23 hours ago  |  Last Post: 23 hours ago

Forum 3 Low rpm speed control

By mwoq24 2 days ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

Forum 5 Solo Uno V2 wont work

By villus 6 days ago  |  Last Post: 2 days ago

Forum 7 Analog throttle on a UNO V2 won't work

By BramW 7 days ago  |  Last Post: 6 days ago

Forum 9 Can't pilot a BLDC motor with digital mode with SOLO MEGA

By RemiMyard 2 weeks ago  |  Last Post: 1 week ago

Forum 11 Arduino UNO R4 Minima - CANopen?

By tbaumg 4 weeks ago  |  Last Post: 2 weeks ago

Forum 13 Best communication type for open loop control

By tsoos99 4 weeks ago  |  Last Post: 3 weeks ago

Forum 15 Controlling Speed and Torque

By wheelchairguy 4 weeks ago  |  Last Post: 3 weeks ago

Forum DC Motors