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SOLO Arduino Library latest version 5.3.0: fatal error: Arduino_CAN.h: No such file or directory

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This is the message I got after trying to run the example code from the library. It seems older version does not have this error.

c:\Users\Arduino\libraries\SOLOMotorControllers\src\CanBus.hpp:21:10: fatal error: Arduino_CAN.h: No such file or directory
#include <Arduino_CAN.h>


Arduino IDE, 2.1.1

Windows 10


Another issue I encountered was that when running the example from the older version 5.2.0, the UART communication didn't work properly. I followed the UART wiring (RT, TX, and GND) guidelines and connected to the Arduino board as discussed on the website, and I also used the exact code from the library.

It basically got stuck in this loop. I was using an Arduino Mega 2560. Could the issue be caused by using the older version of the library, or are there any other possible causes for the issue?

while (SOLO_Obj1->CommunicationIsWorking() == false)


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Sorry for the inconvenience, at the moment the last library version is 5.3.1.


you can download the library from git and manually replace the folder where Arduino store the libraries (the default place is in the Documents\Arduino\libraries) at the moment the Arduino GUI is not automatically detect the new version we are working in order to solve this issue


if you use that you should solve compilation problem, after that we can validate the situation of your system.