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[Solved] save the configuration from MotionTerminal into file.

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Hi! We are using Solo UNO v2 and Motion Terminal v2.2.2 for some BLDC motors.

We are wondering is there any way to save the controller configuration values into any kind of local files?  I didn't find buttons like this in the Motion Terminal.

Thank you! 

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Hello Minjie,

One way that we offer to our customers who are using our products in bulk numbers to mirror the setup from an already tested unit ( golden unit) to other units is as follows:

Instructions to mirror all the setups of a tuned controller (Golden Unit) onto a new controller:

1.        Go to the Motion terminal (MT) and get connected to the Golden unit

2.       Go to Signal Section

3.       Click on the Magnifier icon to scan all the equivalent packets of the parameters that are existing on the Golden unit, after that, you'll see the packets appearing in the "Packets to Send" section, you need to save these in a proper place may be on a .txt file, after this stage, you won't need the golden unit to proceed.

4.       Now Connected the new controller to MT, and put all the packets read from the golden unit in the  "Packets to Send" section again.

5.       Press the "Send all the values to SOLO" button, and wait until all the packets are gone, you should see the ACK for each packet appearing in the "Packets Received" section

6.       Turn OFF / wait 5 sec / Turn ON the new controller and you should see all the parameters are mirrored from the Golden unit to the new unit.

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Let me know if this could meet your need.



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Hi Milad, thank you for sharing this information.  This is good for our setup.