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[Solved] Using Motion Terminal and Arduino

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I’m trying to get a Motion Terminal readout while the Solo UNO is connected to an arduino.

I have difficulties getting to connect to motion terminal once the arduino is connected. If I disconnect the Arduino, Motion Terminal works again. I hooked everything up according the blog post. Do I need to do something special?

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Hi @rogier,

So are you making sure the Ground between Arduino and SOLO is well connected at least at one point?

if that's the case the issue might be due to the ground loop that is caused by both the USB of SOLO and Arduino being in the circuit, so first of all you can have a look at the thread below to see how this problem can be solved:

- BTW, have you tried to power Arduino only from the +5V in and not the USB? so once the code is running on Arduino the USB of Arduino is not connected to the PC and only the USB of SOLO is connected, that might help with the ground loop issue.

Let me know about your progress.


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