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[Solved] Disconnect - reconnect error

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I have a mini v2 running 0000B00F

I have an issue where when I make a connection, then break it I can successfully reconnect but am unable to control it again. If I power cycle the board it connects and is controllable again. Is there a disconnect procedure that wouldn't cause these issues. 

Sorry if already covered - I did look. Im also very new at this. 

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A couple of question to replicate the problem.

  • You are using SoloMotorControllerUart class? 
  • Where OS you are testing it? in Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi or other? 
  • You are using USB, UART or a SHILED?  

Thank you

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We release a new update over the library, now is possible to give more time to the OS to properly open the communication before start to use the selected protocol. For instance different machine and OS have totally different performances and is not possible to have 1 value that feet all the user. Generally we see Ubuntu working faster then Windows.