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Connection problem between Arduino SOLO board and Brushless motor

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Hello, we are having trouble getting our Maxon EC 90 brushless motor to work with our SOLO Uno board.
We are trying to create communication between our engine and our SOLO card. Plugging in, we have an arduino uno board that is plugged into a computer that generated the computer code, then our Arduino board is plugged in with our Brushless motor the same way you show on your website. We power the motor with an external laboratory power supply.
We tested your code "Get bus Voltage" but it only returns -1. We changed the baudrate and we put the same in the Serial.begin as well as in the baudrate window.
I am attaching a photo of the results we are getting. do you plan to help us establish a good connection between our engine and our SOLO board? We have tried several codes and the results are clear, it seems that the SOLO card cannot control our Brushless motor.

Thanks for your help

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Hi @violine 

I recommend you as starting point:

- to update the library to the last version on GitHub repo (sometime new fix and improvement can be released over time)

- have the firmware of SOLO updated to the last available version  (you can find the Firmware Version of your SOLO in the Motion Terminal section: Action / Information / Firmware Version) 


Can you connect your SOLO to Motion Terminal and:

1) verify/set the UART Baud rate at 115200. (you find in the Motion Terminal section: Action / Configuration / UART Line baud-rate[bits/s]*) 

2) can you provide your Hardware Version?  (you find in the Motion Terminal section: Action / Information / Hardware Version) 

3) can you use the Motion Terminal in order move your motor?  (in Motion Terminal you can send and receive command as you can with UART protocol, but in a fast and easy way)  

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