SOLO Motor Controllers

For Any Machine

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Ease of Use

Simplify your high-tech solutions with our intuitive interface and wide range of tools, software, and libraries. Perfect for all skill levels.


Archive superior control performance with our cutting-edge technologies. Get 8X higher performance, excellent thermal behavior, and energy efficiency.


Optimize your costs without compromising performance. Our motor controllers offer the best price-to-performance ratio in the market.


What We Offer

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Powerfull Hardware

– Supports DC, BLDC, PMSM, and ACIM Motors
– Sensored and Sensorless
– Torque, Speed Control and Position Control

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Advanced Firmware

– Auto Identification and Self Tuning
Embedded Motion Profile Engine PVT like
Analogue, UART, CANOpen ready protocols

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Comprehensive Software

Online Application
– Library for C++, Python, Arduino, Mathlab and more
– Supporting Windows, Linux, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more

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Certified Products

– UL, IEC,
– RoHS, CE, EUR1
– On Demands

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Online App


With the SOLO Motion Terminal you have a free Plug and Play Online Solution capable of controlling SOLO using a simple USB cable that can be connected directly to your PC.

We believe, this is a powerful tool to speed up the system testing and ideas evaluation, in a conformable manner.

Real-World Applications

SOLO on Linux

SOLO on Linux

IntroductionIn this Article we are brining up some topics that we belive can be helpful for SOLO Linux users. Considering how deep and articulated the topics covered can be, we will limit ourselves to an introduction to the topic and suggesting some procedures to...

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SOLO Simulink Block-Set Hello World Guides!

SOLO Simulink Block-Set Hello World Guides!

IntroductionSOLO now has a block-set library that allows all of our products to be directly controlled or monitored in a powerful Simulink Mathworks environment, this can be a great feature for those in the R&D stages trying to speed up the developments or putting...

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