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Speed up your project

Making a project is something that requires absolute dedication and many hours of prototyping and testing, in this process there is no space to waste time and resources.

For this reason we are pleased to offer our Premium Consultancy for anyone who needs to be followed by our expert team during the development of their project and in the integration phases with SOLO motor controllers products.

How does it work?

In 5 little steps we will explain how is possible to receive our Premium Consultancy Services

STEP 1: Talk whit us

Write us an introduction of your Project, your need and what aspect you want us to cover. You can write to us, using the module Here.

STEP 2: Discussion Time

After receiving your request we will start to organize ourselves and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also like to offer 1 hour of free evaluation where if needed we can have an online call in order to better understand the project.

STEP 3: Define the Work Plan

In this step we will provide our suggestions with an explanation on what we can do for you, the time required and a delivery time for every milestone.

STEP 4: Purchase

You can order the amounts of support hours on this page here. You can increase the counter to match the exact quantity of hours you need.

STEP 5: Delivery and Iteration

After the order we will start to work on the request and follow the Work Plan and we will go back with the Work Documentation we produce out of the Request.
We like to split every project in little sprints so the Premium Consultancy can be iterated till all the needs and requirements are met.

You Need a Premium Consultancy? Talk Whit Us!

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The first hour is for FREE, read more on STEP 2 discussion time.