SOLO MINI has all the Software features of SOLO UNO in a smaller form factor with less power rating of 500Watts ( 6-40V 20A )
*SOLO MINI V2 is an improved version of SOLO MINI V1 with better performance in the same form factor (100% back compatible with previous model)

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Available features in SOLO MINI

All the SOLO units are shipped with the latest firmware, we continue to add new features and we are open to any request on our Forum.

BLUE: available at the mentioned time of release.
GRAY: Not available at the time of release.

firmware release LOG

Currently Available Features

Motor controlling Features:

august timeline

Software Features:

  • Updatable Firmware using USB
  • UART enabled commanding and Feedback
  • USB enabled commanding and Feedback
  • CANopen enabled commanding and Feedback

Our users will be able to update their SOLO’s firmware using the USB connection with our Updater Tool.

SOLO MINI Resources

Read Specifications                Download 3D .step file
Read User Manual
Read UART & USB Manual     Download USB Windows Driver
Read CANopen Manual



Price: 135€

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Version: V2
Part Number: SLM0322_4020
Note: The product does not include any cables

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