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Here you can find all the resources to work easily with ARDUINO and SOLO.


Arduino and the community it has around it, is a huge environment, it’s friendly for makers and for everyone that starts in electronics or for anyone who wants to make a fast and easy prototyping project.

We share a common value on how working with electronics should be,  and we are happy to support the Arduino users that choose to work also with SOLO in a multitude of ways. 


Arduino Environment 1

Implement Your Own Algorithms


Analogue Control 

It is possible to make ARDUINO and SOLO working together in a very simple way by using Analogue voltages or PWM pulses to control the basic tasks.

Digital Control 

When you need more sophisticated control, you can use our SOLO’s ARDUINO library. With the SOLO Motor Controllers ARDUINO Library you can use Digital control by using UART protocol, to implement your own customized algorithms using vastly available functions that are offered in SOLO’s command set in Digital Mode.

SOLO Motor Controllers ARDUINO Library

Speed up your development process in 3 steps, using our Library and stay focused on your projects, the thing that really matters!


1- Download the Library here.

Arduino Environment 2

2- Connect Solo and Arduino

Arduino Environment 3

3- Write A few lines of codes using our library.


Explanations and Tutorials

How to Download and Install SOLO Arduino Library

You can download the library: here, and a good place to read on how install any library is on Arduino web site: here

Line connection SOLO BETA


Example: Get Temperature

Example: Get BusVoltage

Example: Set and Get Number of Poles

Tutorial: Sensorless Speed Control of a Brushless Motor

You can read the full code and explanation here.

Tutorial: Drone/RC Car Brushless Motors in Sensorless Mode Up to 30,000 RPM

You can read the full code and explanation here.


We try our best to support all the user. We have a section in our FORUM where you can post your question.

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