Implement Your Own C++ Algorithms

For the user that wants to create a C++ based application, we release and support an easy-to-use C++ library that is built on top of our Digital Protocol.

SOLO C++ Library Configuration

Speed up your development process in 3 steps, using our Library and stay focused on your projects, the thing that really matters!

1- Download the Library here.

C++ - DLL 1

2- Connect Solo and THE PC

Use a data cable, and connect the PC to SOLO using the SOLO mini USB port. Once the SOLO unit will be powered up the PC will detect the new connection. 

3- Write A few lines of codes using our library.


Implement Your Own Algorithms



Dynamic-link library (DLL) is a Microsoft’s implementation, they simply enable the user to use the same module in multiple mediums and softwares, using fewer resources and promoting modular design.
Using a DLL library which comes with the “.dll” extension you will be able to easily work and integrate Digital Control of SOLO in environments like Labview, Simulink-Matlab and the other programming languages, such as  CC#, F#, VB, Python, etc…

SOLO DLL Configuration

Now using SOLO’s DLL library C++ based, you can call all the functions existing in the command set of SOLO in UART and USB setting and reading various parameters, controlling your motors and in simple language do whatever you want to do with SOLO.

The DLL file will make it easy and universal the way you can interact with SOLO through various softwares and tools as you can see for Labview and Simulink below:

C++ - DLL 2
C++ - DLL 3