Why Simulink?

Simulink is a product of Mathworks, ever since its existence, it made the life of engineers and researchers far easier, providing the ability to extensively simulate systems and later on even program various devices just by using a bunch of blocks!

SOLO is following the same path in many ways, the simplicity of use is a critical factor for us, that’s why we decided to merge SOLO products into Simulink to make sure the combination of these two makes the whole process of system development seamless and extremely powerful.

Simulink 1
Simulink 2

How to use SOLO with Simulink

The answer is simple, by using our dedicated Simulink Blockset!

We do have a complete library that we call SOLO Simulink blockset, there we have provided all the commands that are existing on UART, USB, and CANopen protocols of SOLO in form of Blocks, and you can just drag them into your models and use them with SOLO to practically do any possible action that you need within your program, our whole Simulink blockset is built on top of our C++ DLL that is a powerful tool for integration of SOLO in various softwares.

To learn more about how to use SOLO with Simulink you can have a read the article below: