Here you can learn more about how to Update the Firmware on SOLO

What happens after you buy one of our products? 

Usually when you buy a product you risk going into obsolescence of it. Time passes and your product gets older, new technologies emerge but your product remains stuck within the old generations!

We believe that this approach is wrong, the softwares has accustomed us to being able to receive updates and fixes. In the world of electronics this approach is not yet widely adopted, however we chose otherwise, constant updates and improvements….

Update It 

SOLO is a high-tech product that is constantly evolving and improving. In order to offer this to all of users, SOLO is equipped with a mini USB port which beside acting as a control and command gate, it will provide you to get the firmware updates.

Updating SOLO 1

How It Works 

At the moment the update operation is performed through a process that requires the use of our Updater Tool. Once a new update is released we will notify our users by email, reporting all the useful links with information and tutorials, The latest update published for SOLO UNO and MINI models is “0006B00A” and you can check it in Motion Terminal on “Firmware Version Section”.
Every SOLO Unit is shipped with the latest firmware available at the time, however, if you are a SOLO user and you don’t have the latest update, you can contact us through the form below.

Note: this process is currently supported on an upgraded Windows OS. In the future, we will support other platforms and we will move on to a web-based solution.

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