CANopen library for Arduino is comming soon! 1
Written by SOLO Team
CANopen library for Arduino is comming soon!

Dear SOLO community,

We’ve been working on a new and powerful library to make the Arduino modules capable of communicating with SOLO products through CAN bus using CANopen software layer, This library will cover all the commands existing in the object dictionary of SOLO’s CANopen and it will be released in a couple of weeks, we believe this will further expand the user interface performance in harsh environments thanks to inherently safe CAN protocol.

The library is implemented using MCP2551/MCP2515 chips which are SPI to CAN converters and the it is compatible and tested with CAN-BUS Shield v2 and Arduino MKR CAN Shield or basically any CAN bus shield that includes the MCP2515, MCP2551 SPI to CAN converters.

We will keep you posted once the library goes public.



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